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Life and works

"So were the times..."

Valeria Costa was born in Rome in 1912 and began her artistic career in the second half of the 1930s, when she abandoned her university studies in architecture, undertaken after art school and painting courses at the free nude school at the Academy of France in Rome. (...)

The collection

" A sheet of white paper has always been my strength, an open window on freedom"


(Valeria Costa)

Over 3000 documents and works including paintings, drawings, sketches of scenography and theatrical costumes, travel diaries and photographs made by the artist over 60 years (...) 

The collection represents all the genres with which Costa has worked for almost seven decades, testifying to the multiple influences that nourished her pictorial work: from the realistic representation of the 30s and 40s inspired by the new German objectivity and Italian magical realism, to the neo- expressionist (...)

Valeria Costa     Piccinini Heritage Fund

Association born to preserve, enhance, and support the work of Valeria Costa through the promotion of exhibitions, studies and publications in Italy and abroad, the creation of an archive and a reasoned catalog ...




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